Gel Toy Gun

X-Force Tactical is Your Source for Gel Toy Guns

X-Force Tactical is known as Australia’s premier retailer of Gel Toy Guns. Whether you are new to the hobby looking to purchase their first blaster or a veteran enthusiast in the market to customise your favourite blaster with upgraded parts, we can help with our signature friendly customer service.

What Sets X-Force Tactical Apart Regarding Gel Blaster Toys

We don’t just sell gel blasters, but we are also an experienced team who play the sport ourselves. This experience, plus our stellar customer service and great selection, gives us an edge our competitors may lack. We understand the types of upgrades and accessories for gel blasters to make them more powerful and fun to use.

  • In addition to our standard line of gel blasters in both pistols and rifles, we provide several custom models that have been powered up. These can shoot further with improved accuracy, some reaching up to 300 feet per second in speed.
  • Our excellent customer service doesn’t end at the sale. We offer after-sale support to ensure that your blaster is in its best working order, and we also provide repairs when needed.
  • If you need accessories or extra ammo for your blaster, we offer those as well. Our ammo comes in a variety of colours to help you differentiate between different teams.

Tips Regarding Gel Blaster Toys

Gel blasters are toys similar to Airsoft or Nerf, but instead of shooting a plastic or foam pellet, they shoot non-toxic and environmentally friendly water beads. They can shoot these water balls up to around 250 feet per second with spring power. To get the most use out of your gel blaster, follow these tips:

  • The ammo for gel blasters appears to be small plastic balls, but once you have soaked them in water for at least four hours, they will grow to 100 times their original size. They can last around two weeks fully hydrated, and you can refrigerate them to keep their size. They should hydrate away from the elements and direct sunlight.
  • Make sure to clean your blaster between uses, keeping it free of dirt and grime. If you have ammunition left in your magazine, do not leave them inside. When loading your gel blaster, do not use wet gel balls. They contain water that might damage the motor at the bottom of the magazine.
  • Practice good safety with your gel blaster. As they look similar to real firearms, do not take them into public places and if you are travelling with them, store them in your boot and keep them covered to avoid misunderstandings.

Why Trust X-Force Tactical Regarding Gel Blaster Toys

As Australia’s premier gel blaster retailer, we offer the most extensive selection of blasters and accessories, including ammo. In addition to that, we create and design custom blasters and upgrades such as high torque motors and drum magazines. We strive to provide the best customer service and even perform repairs on blasters. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about our line of gel blaster toys and accessories.