Gel Blasters Townsville

Join in the Fun New Sport with Your Own Gel Blasters in Townsville

There’s no better time than today to get gel blasters in Townsville. More and more sports enthusiasts are getting into the sport that challenges your mind and body to think tactically and move athletically. Have a skirmish with your friends using gel blasters that are just as fun as paintball but a lot cleaner and safer.

What You Can Expect from X-Force Tactical Regarding a Gel Blaster AUG in Townsville

The most important part of this kind of skirmishing is having the right equipment. We’re in the perfect position to help you out with an amazing inventory for any purpose:

  • Choose from a wide selection of blasters so that you can find the right equipment for you. We carry pistols, rifles, and custom blasters such as the M4X1 that perfectly combines nylon and metal for a lightweight, easy-to-use and reliable blaster.
  • Kit out your blaster with a customised wrap that makes your blaster your own. You can also find quality clothing and protective headgear for when you’re in the thick of it. Make sure you’re always ready for battle with a full supply of gel ammo.
  • We’re happy to offer blasters, ammo, and accessories for individual sale, but did you know that hobby and sports shops can arrange for wholesale orders directly through us? Contact us to review the quantities and types of products you would like to purchase, and we’ll ensure that you receive an appropriate discounted rate. That way, you can offer these blasters at a competitive price to the public at large.

What You Can Expect from X-Force Tactical Regarding a Gel Blaster AK in Townsville

The types of products we carry are only half of the equation. In addition to our inventory, you’ll be receiving the benefits of our staff who go the distance for you.

  • Each team member has extensive experience working with these blasters and can tell you everything you need to know about how to use them. When you want to buy a gel blaster in Townsville, it makes all the difference to work with someone who can help you make an intelligent, informed decision.
  • The reason that our team knows so much about the sport is that we’ve been advocating for it for years. Everyone at X-Force Tactical is passionate about it and would love to share our enthusiasm with you.
  • Our service doesn’t end after we run your credit card. You can receive ongoing support regarding questions, maintenance, and suggestions for how to get the most from your blasters.

Why Trust X-Force Tactical Regarding a Gel Blaster MP5 in Townsville

For years, X-Force Tactical has been fighting to spread awareness about gel blasters in Australia. We’d love to encourage more people to try out this exciting sport, and it’s gratifying to see more people getting in on the action. We know everything there is to know about the blasters we carry, such as the MP5, and look at it as our responsibility to share that knowledge with you. Contact us for help to decide what kind of blaster is best for you or to enquire about wholesale orders.