YAN QING RGB Light Saber – Black Hilt – 12 colors


Become a Jedi master with our latest battel light sabers!  The sabers can be used to battle it out with your friends and family for the ultimate fun and glory!


Material of hilt: Aluminum alloy 6061 
Material of blade: Removable PC (Poly Carbonate)
Size of hilt: 25cm
Size of blade: 2.5mm thickness 75cm Length
Total length: 97 CM
Light: 9watts High Light LED RGB 5watts led light
Speaker: 2watt 4ohm
Battery: 2000 mah
Sound: 5 sets  sound fonts
Color of hilt: Black
Color of blade: Single high light and have 12 colors for choice
Time of working : 50-60 mins / full charge
Charging Power:5V1A
Time of charge : 2-4 hours
Features: Blaster, lock-up, color, flash on clash.

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Type: Lightsaber

Material: Plastic/metal

Please note: Don’t use it to hurt people and do not aim at eyes!

Additional information

Weight .600 kg
Dimensions 79 × 6.5 × 3.5 cm

Aqua, Brown


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