Soviet RG 33 Stick Gel Ball Grenade

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The Soviet RGD-33 (Ручная Граната Дьяконова образца 33 года >Ruchnaya Granata Djakonova obraztsa 33 goda, “Hand Grenade, Dyakonov design, pattern year [19]33”) is an anti-personnel fragmentation stick grenade developed in 1933.

It was designed to replace the ageing Model 1914 grenade and was used during World War II. The grenade was complicated to use and manufacture. After the German invasion of the USSR, the simple and crude RG-42 was developed to slowly replace it.

You can now carry this famous grenade into battle with your friends and fill it with gels.  It’s quite small,  for easy carry and can be activated by pulling the pin and throwing.  While easy to refill via the top


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RG 33 Gel Ball Stick Grenade

Material: Nylon

Make: Yao Le


Additional information

Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 5 cm


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