Furious Bear V2 Nylon Gearbox Shell Kit


Upgrade your BD556/TTM/Magpul receivers with the Furious Bear nylon V2 gearbox shell.

Included is :

1 x Gearbox Shell
.1 x 7mm Tee Joint
.1 x 9mm Tee Joint
.1 x 6061T6 Aluminum Alloy Tee Fixator
.1 x Conducting Strip
.1 x Special Enhanced Tappet
.1 x Trigger Unit
.1 x Switch Unit
.1 x 1m Mainline Unit
.1 x Magazine Supple Line Unit
.1 x Heat Shrink Tubing
.1 x Magazine Power Supply Chip
.1 x Joint
.1 x Gearbox Screw Set
.1 x Spring Set
.1 x 1.1 Main Spring

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Type: V2 Gearbox for Gel Blasters

Material: Nylon and Metal

Additional information

Weight .260 kg
Dimensions 32 × 21 × 3 cm


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