35cm X-Force Tactical Aluminium Barrel with 9.5mm Outer Diameter 7.5mm Inner Diameter for JM 8 M4A1/JM 9


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The X-Force 7.5 mm ID barrels are a standard barrel suitable for all ammo type.
.Aluminum alloy material, external oxidation, internal mirror treatment
.Adapted to JM 8 M4A1/ JM 9M4A1 gel blasters
.Note that when the JM 9 is modified, it is necessary to replace the shorter handguard.
.Outer diameter 9.5mm, inner diameter 7.5mm, inner tube length 35cm

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.Color: Black, Red and Violet
.Material: Aluminium
.Product Dimensions: 35*0.95*0.95cm
.Product Weight: 34g
.Package Dimensions: 37*3*3cm



Type: Inner barrel for gel blaster

Material:  Aluminium

For use with 7-8 mm gels only

Additional information

Weight .050 kg
Dimensions 35 × 1 × 1 cm


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