About Us

Originally trading under VARA Trading since Jan 2016 we first stumbled upon Gel Blasters around April of that year,  while in China for an expo.   Getting the first few batches in mid to later that year while doing some further investigation into the legalities of these cool new toys, we couldn’t really find anything and we were told to keep going.  At this point in time we mostly sold them on eBay or via our vast network. 

In Jan 2017, I headed back to Hong Kong and China to organize our first 40 ft container and bring in the single largest shipment of blasters to grace these shores till that point.   The we got our delivery in April and by then we learned or a larger but ever-growing gel ball community on Facebook, and we also launched our X-Force Toy Guns brand and X-force.com.au website.  In the mean time while sale were going strong , so was awareness and customs jumped on incoming shipments and started calling Gel blasters, Airsoft or basically a similar item. 

We argued that it’s not but seems they were set on making sure they will never be sold again, while other companies were already in court battles we chose to go with one that we thought was going to make the most difference( Tactical Edge Hobbies),  we helped with stock and finances to make sure the legal fees and the battle goes on.  In December 17 the case was heard and the gel ball community had its first major win by getting gel blasters legalised.

A big year followed with multiple shipments coming through and numerous new companies jumping on board, X-force trading our of Victoria at the time were by now locked in our own legal battle due to a container of sci-fi blasters, but due to the open-ended laws in regards imitation firearms we lost that battle and decided to move our business and family to Queensland.  In the mean time we also changed the X-Force Toy guns to X-Force Tactical, and with that our new website was launched X-forcetactical.com.   In mid September we arrived in Queensland and within the week we open one of the first shops in the country and have been since growing and building on this great hobby. 

Would like to thank all our customers and loyal supporters as this hobby would not be here without you guys and we are working hard to bring you some very cool new toys in the near future.  The Gel Ball or GelSoft Hobby is ever growing and we will fight to make sure it stays.  Looking forward to serving the greater gel ball community with best gel blaster products and service.