Ultra Elite Gels

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The Ausgel Ultra Elite gel ball has arrived!

This is the ultimate gel blaster companion, stronger than any other gel currently available on the market!

  • Average weight: 0.22g
  • Average diameter: 7.1mm
  • Consistency +/- .2mm
  • Quantity per packet: 5400 gels
  • Grow time: at least 3 hours

Finally, a gel that can not only be left in water, but also stored in an air tight container for weeks, ready to use when you need them.

Due to the strength of the outer shell (approximately 2-3 times stronger than standard Ausgel Ultra Gel Balls), these gels will maintain their shape during flight which will improve accuracy but will still break on impact. This is the next generation of gel ball ammo!

Note: Growth and consistency can depend on the quality of the water and growth time.

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Predator Ultra Hard Gel Ball Ammo for Gel Blasters

Size: 7 – 8 mm

Additional information

Weight .103 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 1 cm

1 review for Ultra Elite Gels

  1. Mathew Lambert (verified owner)

    I really didn’t think they’re be much between these and AKA 2.0’s.
    I’ve spent a week, can of gas and 10,000 AKA’s still trying to get something that doesn’t jam, explode and leave enough residue to prevent slide lock.
    These arrived amazingly the next day – that’s shipping speed.
    Since a 2 hour hydration I’ve had no jams, no slips, no mag lips shredding or just releasing everything.
    The difference is absolute night and day. I can’t believe the difference.
    People say these or them, they’re the best. Not in my experience. These Ultra Elites are what you want in a GBB.
    Nothing else and I won’t buy anything else in future.
    Amazing result.
    Before you go trimming/shortening magazine springs (yes I had a single stack thin GE 1911 mag, worst of the worst) – give these a go.
    I won’t make any mods to the mag now I’ve shot these. These are the trick.

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