Tactical Tomato TTI STI COMBAT MASTER JOHN Wick – Collectors Pack


The John Wick 3 STI Combat Master is the culmination of the ultimate competition pistol platform combined with master levels of tuning to create a handgun like no other. Wielded by Baba Yaga himself, this is the pistol used by John Wick in the 2019 film John Wick 3: Parabellum.  Based on an STI 2011, the JW3 STI Combat Master is expertly crafted with slide lightening cuts to improve the cyclic speed and reduce perceived recoil. The forward swept front and rear slide serrations give a solid purchase for weapon manipulation. The extended magazine release helps with dropping the magazine without breaking your grip for faster reloads. The double undercut trigger guard lets you choke up higher on the gun for better recoil control. The large flared magwell assists with magazine insertion, helping to guide the magazine into the pistol. The grip stippling helps the shooter get a good grip on the pistol and maintain a solid hold.

The Tactical Tomato 2011 is a great looking pistol with a heavy duty built, which comes with case and mag.  Works via a green gas mag and comes with a nylon slide, plus a full metal slide so you can have the best of both worlds.

The Gas Powered Gel Blaster

  • Uses Green gas
  • 7-8 mm gels
  • Full metal Body
  • Hi capacity mag – around 25 gels
  • Cast slide with a distressed CNC finish.
  • Nylon blue slide
  • Collectors kit, this comes in a nice wooden box with gold coins and continental membership card plus the famous pencil.

Note:  Some assembly will be required.  Please be advise this will be required when you receive it.  You will need to advice us if you want it done before it’s shipped.

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Type: Gel blaster gas pistol

Material: Metal

Uses: 7-8 mm gels


Additional information

Weight 2.09 kg
Dimensions 33 × 23 × 11 cm


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