R1X Reflex Red Dot Optical Sight – Red


Faster targeting, wider field of view, and a fuller tactical picture than standard iron sights, R1X Optics let you engage a threat while staying aware of everyone and everything around you.

The R1X reflex red dot sight was designed and engineered for use on patrol rifles and AR platforms. The R1X reduces the “tunnel vision” of hard-focus iron sights for  quicker target acquisition, enhanced accuracy and greater situational awareness. Lightweight and compact, it is easy to mount, simple to use, invaluable in the field.

Stepping away from some of the traditional looking sights the R1X also brings a bit of flair to your blaster, make sure to grab one today.

Note: Picture for illustration purpose only, Tan might be different shade.

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Type:  Red dot sight

Material: Metal & Optics

Model Number: R1X
Magnification: 1x
Battery: 2 x CR2032
Net Weight: 0.381kg
Color: Red
Keywords: Red Dot Holographic Sight

Additional information

Weight .381 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 cm


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