Manual Mag Feed Glock G26 – Black

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Glock 26 Manual Magazine Fed Gel Ball Pistol

Mag Fed
Distance up to 15m
Uses 7-8 mm gels
Size 1:1
Please note this toy is manual and there is no need for a battery

Included in each Box

1 x Brand New Manual Magazine Fed Glock 26 Gel Ball Pistol
1 x Magazine
2 x 7-8 mm Factory Dehydrated gels

Operation of this blaster

The manual Magazine Fed Glock 26 needs to be operated in a specific way.
Always use 7-8 mm gels that have been well hydrated for at least 6 hours, fresh out of water and not too dry.
Different brand or color gels may vary the performance of this product.
After loading the magazine, prime the magazine with the primer lever until you see the gel balls come to the top or start to fall out.
Again fill the magazine with gels.
Repeat priming the magazine with the primer lever, stop the gels coming out with your finger and continue to prime the lever
Then place the magazine in the blaster so it is correctly locked in place.
When you load each gel to be fired, point the gel blaster to the ground direction and then load the blaster with a quick action and then release.
When you first load the gel blaster, it may take a few times to fire the blaster before gels are fired out.
If the blaster fails to or stops firing gels, you may need to remove the magazine and again prime or reload the magazine.
This gel blaster looks and feels great but is not reliable firing gels. This gel blaster will commonly, almost always fail to fire a gel.
Due to this gel blasters poor performance and reliability to fire gels, we recommend and sell this product as a show piece, for costume play, roll play, cosplay toy, and not as a functioning gel blaster toy.
Before purchasing, please ensure you understand the above points and understand that although this gel blaster looks and feels great, this gel blaster is not perfect, it will commonly fail to fire gels, and may not be able to fire a gel when you pull the trigger. If it does fire a gel, gel firing distance and accuracy will vary with every shot.

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Type: Manual mag feed G26 Glock Gel blaster

Material: ABS plastic

Uses: 7-8 mm gels

Additional information

Weight .164 kg
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 3 cm

1 review for Manual Mag Feed Glock G26 – Black

  1. Robert Williams (verified owner)

    Out of the box this blaster isn’t great, but after removing the flashing from
    ALL of the parts, repairing and reinforcing components as they failed and even removing faulty ones, this blaster now works perfect all the time and has remained visually untouched too. If you REALLY want this gun to work, or a project, it will be a champ for $25

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