Lehui Glock P18C Manual Gel Blaster Pistol – Black

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The Glock  P18C manual mag feed from Lehui has changed the game for manual gel blaster with a single stack spring mag, this is truly a great looking blaster that performs as well as it looks.  If you are looking to just shoots some cans in the backyard or are in to cosplay then you’ll love the feel and performance of the Lehui Glock P18C.


  • Safety glasses
  • Flash hider
  •  Pack of gels
  • Glock pistol


NOTE: This is only a toy.

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Type: Gel blaster pistol

Material: ABS plastic

Uses: 7-8 mm gels


Additional information

Weight 1.38 kg
Dimensions 40 × 23 × 6 cm

1 review for Lehui Glock P18C Manual Gel Blaster Pistol – Black

  1. Noah Thompson (verified owner)

    Lehui Glock P18C Mag Feed Gel Blaster Pistol – Black
    They feel great to just hold and shot surprising well for a manual pistol didn’t even have to point it down when cocking it back.

    The only problem is the silencer kept fall off not a big deal in my opinion also could break if it falls on onto concrete or other hard surfaces overall very happy with it.
    would highly recommend it

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