JM M4A1 Gen9 V2 Nylon Gearbox – X Stage 1 Upgraded


JinMing M4A1 J9 V2 nylon gearbox is the latest release from JinMing
If your looking to upgrade and push your blaster then you need a nylon casing.
Please note: these gearboxes do NOT come with a motor.

The X-force J9 V2 X upgraded gearboxes are the easiest way to upgrade your blaster. We do all the hard work of upgrading the gearbox with the vital components that will make your blaster competition ready.
Upgrades include:
X-Force unequal 1.25 mm Spring
special X-force black O-Ring
Harden return spring
Nylon gears
7 mm harden bushes
and best of all a strong Nylon casing for your gearbox.

Depending on which barrel size you use with it, this gearbox will punch out around 300 to 340 fps. This will also depend on the quality of your gels and size.

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Type: Upgraded gearbox for Gel blaster

Material: Nylon and electrical

Uses: 7- 8 mm gels ammo

Straight drop in.


Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 3 cm


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