JM M26 A2 Gel Ball Grenade

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Made of strong Nylon material.  The JinMing M26 A2 is a great addition for anyone looking at clearing a room in a CQB, they are light and small for easy carrying.

The M26 is a fragmentation hand grenade made by the United States. The M26 is a fragmentation grenade developed by the United States military. It entered service around 1952 and was used in combat during the Korean War. Its distinct lemon shape led it to being nicknamed the “lemon grenade”.

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JM M26 A2 Gel Ball Grenade

Material: Nylon

Make: JinMing


Additional information

Weight .434 kg
Dimensions 27 × 16 × 7 cm

1 review for JM M26 A2 Gel Ball Grenade

  1. Uncle Pav (verified owner)

    Sturdy nylon construction, these look sharp. They look like grenades too: so don’t leave em out in the open – it’s not worth the aggravation, treat them like a blaster.

    These are impact activated, you cannot initiate these with via the safety pin and some string / trip wire, they have got to hit the ground.

    We have been throwing them around a bit on smooth indoor tiles; no deformation on impact. With Gels inside you get a decent spread and blast radius, about 3m.

    Same on a grass surface, the surface absorbed a bit of the impact, but initiation was strong, and gels went flying. However, if the grenade lands on an angle, the blast of gels will go in that general direction. So, practice in controlling how your grenade impacts the ground will allow you to funnel the blast in a certain direction.

    We fitted 63 gels into our one, which was surprising, that 3m blast radius gets terribly busy when it goes off. Even the refurbishment of this grenade, once thrown, if very crisp. It is a fast turnaround from recovery to throwing again, it all fits together very nicely.
    On a coarse impact surface, I would expect the grenade exterior to start taking a few scratches etc, however the exterior has a thick feel to it so I think it would withstand it well.
    The arming lever is plastic, this may become deformed if you are using it to hang the grenade off your webbing / vest. Only 1 will fit into an AusSteyr pouch and 2, maybe 3, to a Minimi Pouch.

    I think for the price getting 2 is good value; they’re sturdy, very nice activation on impact, hefty payload, they look the part and it’s giving you a efficient tool to remove people occupying field fortifications, rooms and bunkers. They are not the most Gucci item on any blaster field, but with a bit of practice and skill, they become useful tools in your kit.

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