Jianfeng Glock 18 Manual Hopper Fed


Jianfeng Glock 18 Hopper Fed Gel Ball Pistol

Hopper Fed
Distance up to 18 m
Uses 7-8 mm gels
ABS Plastic
Please note this toy is manual and there is no need for a battery

Included in each Box

1 x Brand New Jianfeng Manual Hopper Fed Glock 18 Gel Ball Pistol
Factory 7.0-8.0 mm Dehydrated gels

Operation of this blaster

The manual Hopper Fed Jianfeng Glock 18 needs to be operated in a specific way.
Always use 7-8 mm gels that have been well hydrated for at least 6 hours, fresh out of water and not too dry.
Different brand gels will vary performance of this product.
Load the fully hydrated gels into the top hopper and close the hopper door.
When you load each gel to be fired, point the gel blaster slightly in the upward direction and then load the blaster with a quick action and then release.
When you first load the blaster, it may take a few times to fire the blaster before gels are fired out of the blaster.
The blaster will not fire a gel for every shot (pull of the trigger), this is common and normal for this blaster.
At times the Gel Blaster may fire two gels during one shot.
Before purchasing, please ensure you understand the above points and understand that this blaster is not perfect, it may not fire a gel every time you pull the trigger and gel firing distance and accuracy may vary with every shot. Two gels may be fired with one shot. This is how most manual gel ball blasters function and is normal for them and this product.


This Product requires no batteries.

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Type: Manual pistol Gel blaster

Material: ABS Plastic

Uses: 7 -8 mm ammo


Additional information

Weight .155 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 3 cm


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