German WWII MP40 Full Metal Gel blaster


Here at X-Force we love bringing you gel blasters that are our of the ordinary and the MP40 has now landed.

With that said the MP40 submachine gun was one of the most iconic World War 2 guns of all time.

The MP 40 (Maschinenpistole 40) is a submachine gun chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge. It was developed in Nazi Germany and used extensively by the Axis powers during World War II.

Designed in 1938 by Heinrich Vollmer with inspiration from its predecessor the MP 38, it was heavily used by infantrymen (particularly platoon and squad leaders), and by paratroopers, on the Eastern and Western Fronts as well as armoured fighting vehicle crews. Its advanced and modern features made it a favorite among soldiers and popular in countries from various parts of the world after the war. It was often called “Schmeisser” by the Allies, after Hugo Schmeisser, who designed the MP 18, although he was not involved in the design or production of the MP40. The weapon’s other variants included the MP 40/I and the MP 41. From 1940 to 1945, an estimated 1.1 million were produced by Erma Werke.

  • Brand: AGM
  • Model: MP007A
  • Released: July 2022
  • Operation: Electric Automatic
  • Battery Type: 8.4V (Mini Tamiya Plug)
  • Battery type: NiMH
  • Metal Barrel Assembly
  • Metal Body / Receiver
  • Metal Under-Fold Folding Stock
  • Metal Body Pins
  • Metal Sights
  • 1:1 Scale, one of the best choices for MP40 / WWII collectors
  • Firing Modes: Semi-Automatic, w/ Safety
  • Gearbox: Full Metal / Upgradable
  • Motor: High Torque.
  • Battery: 8.4v Small Butterfly Type(Battery & Charger Included),  Compatible with 7.4v and 11.1V LiPo batteries(recommended)
  • Hop-Up: Not included. Instructions in the manual on hop-up are not for this product.
  • Sample gel balls
  • Stick Magazine Capacity: Approx. 50 Gel Balls
  • Color: Black with wooden colour
  • Attention. Muzzle thread CLOCKWISE, this means will not fit the gel ball suppressors available.


  • FPS Variable: 300+ Feet per Second
  • Variable FPS for different gels used, we recommend using Black label or aka gels
    Depending on the battery size a 7.4V battery will achieve a higher FPS than an 11.1V
    Also the semi-auto function has a higher FPS than full-auto function.


  • Length: 630mm / 830mm (stock extended).
  • Barrel Length: 250mm
  • Weight: 7lbs

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Rifle Metal Gel Blaster 
  • 1 x Stick Magazine 
  • 1 x 2000 Pack of Gels
  • 1 x Bottle
  • 1 x 8.4V battery
  • 1 x Charger


Gel blasters are toys only and are NOT weapons or firearms.

Always use the appropriate eye wear and take all reasonable safety precautions when using our products.

NOTE: Please note, gels included with blasters are generally of low quality and can often cause feeding issues, we highly recommend you purchase our high quality harden gels for the best performance.( X-Force Black Label gels)

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Type: Gel blaster

Material: Plastic/Metal

Uses: 7-8 mm gels

Additional information

Weight 3.46 kg
Dimensions 67 × 23 × 9 cm


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