ChiHai M180 480 Long 11.1v High Torque Motor


The Chi Hai M180 High Torque motor, is a power house motor for those builds that need the extra grunt.  Please
Product Description
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CHIHAI MOTOR CHF-480WA-N52-7021T  M180 long shaft

 High Torque AEG Motor Long Axis for M4A1-J10 ACR-J10  gelblaster  toy
sMagnetic materials:
N52 Nd-Fe-B magnet
DC11.1V :
SPEED    26000rpm 
about 166g

1.  Heat resistant, high performance magnets

2.  Highly conductive motor brush
3.  Reinforced Motor Axle

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Color: Black & Gold

Material: Metal

Product Weight: 166 g

Package Dimensions: 18*6*5 cm

Package Weight: 176 g

Additional information

Weight .176 kg
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 3 cm


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