Bosli-po 7.4v Battery Short JST


The Bosli-po batteries are well known within the industry as being a quality battery to run most blasters.  But it’s always hard to find batteries for some of the smaller compartments, in blasters like the AKs and Honeybadgers.  With our Bosli-po short you ca be sure that all you’re problems will be over and will be able to run for a couple of hours with a 1100 mAh capacity.

Battery capacity:1100mAh
Discharge rate:25C
Sustained discharge current:20A
Recommended charging current:1A
Support charging current:2A
Instantaneous discharge current:50A
Finished size (thickness * width * length) 10mm*20mm*85mm
Product weight:53g

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Type: Battery for Toy Gel Blasters

Material: plastic/electrics

7.4 v battery

Additional information

Weight .053 kg
Dimensions 11 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm


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