The ARES DSR-1 Gas Sniper Rifle is the heaviest and most solid blaster on the market weighing 7 kilograms at just under a meter long. The blaster features a one-piece CNC aluminium chassis which makes a solid base for the other included features such as adjustable stock, cheek pad, lower handguard & bipod. This creates a large amount of modularity that will help fit the user’s preferences.

Being a gas-powered sniper rifle, the action of the bolt is very smooth and glides inside the bolt carrier. The DSR-1 features a working safety as well as a removable bolt which gives you the ability to keep the bolt safe during transit.

The DSR-1 is a bullpup sniper rifle, meaning that is feeds from the mag at the rear. However, the rifle does feature an included second magazine near the centre of the blaster. Because of this bullpup design, the DSR-1 uses a 60cm internal barrel with an ID of 7.5mm. Using the Abbeys Brut Sniper Gas, we are finding an average FPS of about 350-360.

The ARES DSR-1 is all one-piece CNC machined and is put together by hand meaning only # can be produced per day and only a total of 100 have been configured for gel, making this blaster the Rolls Royce of the blaster world

*Scope not included*

Ammo Size:
7 – 8mm

2 in stock


Type: Sniper Gel Blaster


– CNC body

– Bipod

– 2 x Magazines

– Manual Fire only

– Material: Nylon and Metal

– Green gas

Uses: 7-8 mm gels

Additional information

Weight 7.53 kg
Dimensions 103 × 32 × 9 cm


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