Abbey Metal GBB Maintenance Pack


For those new or old to the Gas pistols will know that there is a level of maintenance that’s higher than electric blasters.  So we have put together a pack to help you out with getting everything you need without having to scroll through dozen pages.   With metal slide pistols we have selected the 3 products we think will take care of your blaster without breaking the bank.

  1. Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas
  2. Abbey Silicone Oil 35
  3. Abbey Gun Grease LT2

Abbey Maintenance Gas is designed for the maintenance and storage of your gas airsoft gun’s magazines. It’s highly lubricated, low pressure and specifically designed to refresh and revive the internals of your gas magazines. Maintenance Gas comes in our small 270ml bottles, perfect for slipping into a tool box or kit bag.

Abbey Silicone Gun Oil is our high-quality, low-viscosity silicone-based lubricant perfect for gas, electric and spring gel blasters. Silicone Gun Oil has multiple uses, from forming a protective barrier against the elements, through to rejuvenating o-rings and lubricating plastic components.

Gun Grease LT2 is a molybdenum based heavy grease designed for heavy-load applications, between metal parts.  Gun Grease LT2 is designed for use in high-pressure applications such as; inside an AEG Gearbox between gears and pistons; inside the bolt carriage of a GBBR; or on the metal slide of a Gas Blow Back Pistol. The grease stays in the friction area and reduces friction, rather than being squeezed out.

Check out the videos from the boyz at Abbeys which some great tips and how to use the gas.

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Type: Maintenance goods for your gas powered gel blasters


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