55cm X-Force Tactical Aluminium Barrel with 10 mm Outer Diameter 7.0 mm Inner Diameter for LH Steyr AUG


The X-Force 7 mm ID barrels are a tight bore barrel suitable for the white gels only.
.Aluminum alloy material, external oxidation, internal mirror treatment
.Adapted to the LH Steyr AUG gel blaster
.Outer diameter 10 mm, inner diameter 7.0 mm, inner tube length 55 cm

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.Color: Blue, Red and Violet
.Material: Aluminium
.Product Dimensions: 35*0.95*0.95cm
.Product Weight: 34g
.Package Dimensions: 37*3*3cm

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Type: Barrel for LH Steyr AUG Gel Blaster

Material: Metal

Additional information

Weight .035 kg
Dimensions 55 × 1 × 1 cm


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